Website. It houses male inmates with serious, long-term medical needs. The Highway Patrol Division is the traffic law enforcement division of the Montana Department of Justice and is responsible for the enforcement of criminal and motor vehicle and highway safety laws on highways according to state and federal statutes, as well as vehicular crash investigations. 2, Ch. Agency profile information provided by the Legislative Fiscal Division. The Montana Department of Corrections policies are public information and are located on this page for convenience. 4, Ch. 33, Ch. (n)use to maximum efficiency the resources of state government in a coordinated effort to: (i)provide for delinquent youth committed to the department; and. Sec. In fact, there are state 10 of these institutions located in Montana. Powers and duties of department of corrections. History:En. Juveniles also have an hour of recreation, with a choice of indoor or outdoor recreation (weather permitting). Pine Hills Correctional Facility located in Miles City, Mont. Offenders live at the prerelease center, but work in the community, leaving and returning to the center according to a pre-approved schedule. The facility also holds people who have been accused of a crime, and who are awaiting trial. The jail population in 2019 was 2,520. Motor Carrier Services Internet Permitting Application. The hearing will follow the steps below: The Parole Board does not supervise offenders. The receiving state notifies Montana and arrangements for release are made as mentioned above, with offenders signing the rules and getting the required travel permits. Prerelease programs are generally six-month programs. Sec. An example of a state facility for youth is Pine Hills Youth Correctional Center, Contracting with private not-for-profit entities for treatment and supervision in a treatment or community-based setting such as pre-release centers, transitional living centers, methamphetamine or alcohol treatment facilities, Supervision of adult offenders on probation or parole, or youth on parole with state probation and parole officers, Providing job skills and training for offenders via a vocational education placement operated by state employees. In cooperation with the 4th Judicial District Court, the Missoula Youth Court, and the Missoula County Public Schools, the facility offers educational, religious and treatment programs to address the needs of juveniles placed in detention by the courts or law enforcement officers. Visit and search the state's Correctional Offender Network website.". (5) The offender is prohibited from using, owning, possessing, transferring, or controlling any firearm, ammunition (including black powder), weapon, or chemical agent such as oleoresin capsicum or pepper spray. Montana statute, 17-8-106, MCA, recommends using growth in personal income for comparison purposes. At Pine Hills Correctional Facility (PHCF) wild mustangs received from the Bureau of Land Management are a key part of residents' rehabilitation and preparation to return to Montana communities. Sec. The Missoula County Detention Facility staffs and manages a 24-bed juvenile detention unit, which houses male and female juveniles between the ages of ten and 18 years of age. 26, Ch. Policy No. The Montana Department of Corrections staff enhances public safety, supports victims of crime, promotes positive change in offender behavior, and reintegrates offenders into the community. Montana DOC PREA Policy (1.3.14): Download. Offenders are informed that they can have family or witnesses come to their hearings but that the witnesses must contact the Board 30 working days in advance. The Board of Crime Control was moved into the Department of Corrections (DOC) in the 2019 biennium. Look Up Legislators, , Revise death penalty laws related to lethal injection, , Revising name change petition process for person in DOC custody/supervision, Children, Families, Health, and Human 37, L. 1977; R.C.M. POLICY . To minimize, click Esc. (2) The offender must obtain permission from his/her supervising officer or the officer's designee before leaving his/her assigned district. Welcome to the Board of Pardons and Parole website. Main Number: 406-444-3930: Fax Number: 406-444-4920: MT Department of Corrections Website [1] All Department of Administration Department of Commerce Department of Corrections Department of Environmental Quality Department of Justice Department of Livestock Former Governors Governor's Office Legislative Branch Montana Board of Crime Control Montana Arts Council Montana Historical Society Montana State Library Office of Public . The Board's primary responsibility in making decisions about parole and executive clemency is public safety. Sec. Number Last Name First Name Submit Montana Department of Corrections 5 S. Last Chance Gulch P.O. (4)The department of corrections may enter into contracts with nonprofit corporations or associations or private organizations to provide substitute care for delinquent youth in correctional facilities. This includes complying with the Prison Rape Elimination Act signed into law by President Bush on Sept. 4, 2003. The Parole Officer either approves or denies the parole plan. 48, Ch. completed recommended programming that addresses their risk factors, The Board member leading the hearing introduces the Parole Board members on the hearing panel and the offender. 483, L. 2007; amd. It has a capacity of 25. 5, Ch. Search for Convicted Felons in Montana. Justice Reinvestment BillsEvidence-Based Programing (EBP) Assessment of Risks and NeedsTransitional Assistance and Rental Voucher Information Community Supervision Criminal Justice Oversight Council, 67TH Montana Legislature 2021 Agency Materials, 68th Montana Legislature 2023 Agency Materials, Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment Centers, Enhanced/Transitional Supervision Services (ETSS). DOC ensures that the unit is operated in accordance with the . Sec. A free copy Adobe Acrobat Reader can be obtained at Probation and Parole Procedures The PO has 5 business days to complete the investigation. STATE OF MONTANA . The application is forwarded to the Parole Board and reviewed for accuracy before being sent to the Montana Interstate Compact Office in Helena. 70, Ch. Montana Department of Corrections to vacate Great Falls Regional Prison at request of Cascade County Sheriff Department of Corrections April 26 2021 The Montana Department of Corrections (DOC) has agreed to a request by Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter to vacate the Great Falls Regional Prison (GFRP) by June 30, 2021. Montana has 37 jails in 56 counties. This button displays the currently selected search type. Approved plans If the PO approves a plan, they fill out the paperwork and set a day for the offender to report to their office. Each year, approximately 1,250 offenders walk into Montana's prison system and 1,200 walk out. We're hiring! "Corrections" is also the name of a field of academic study concerned with the theories, policies, and programs pertaining to the practice of corrections. Parole is the early release of an inmate prior to the expiration of his or her sentence of incarceration. Examples of state facilities for adults are the Montana State Prison, the Montana Womens Prison. Sec. Offenders are informed that, should they be granted parole, it usually takes between four to six weeks before they can actually leave the institution. 53-1-203. PREA includes forty-three (43) standards that define three clear goals, to prevent, detect and respond to sexual abuse. By statute, the date is one fourth of the sentence less jail credit for non-life sentences. Stohr and colleagues (2008) write that "Earlier . Offenders are sent to the Department of Corrections from courtrooms in every corner of the state as punishment for the felony crimes they have committed, and to protect society. Third parties may report on behalf of an inmate by contacting any DOC staff member. Anyone who receives a report of sexual abuse or sexual harassment in any confinement setting must report it for investigation and disposition. The offender must personally contact his/her supervising officer or designee when directed by the officer. The new mission statement "Creating a safer Montana through Accountability . 335, L. 2017; amd. August 03 2021. This typically takes Board staff about 5 days. 262, L. 1991; amd. Look Up Bills Interstate Compact Commissioner - Cathy Gordon (406) 444-4916 Probation and Parole Director, Department of Corrections, Room 209, 1539 11th Avenue, Helena, MT& 59620-1301; Administrator, Centralized Services Division, Room 301, 1539 11th Avenue, Helena, MT 59620-1301; Administrator, Adult Community Corrections Division, Room 413, 1539 11th Avenue, Helena, MT 59620-1301; The Montana Department of Corrections (DOC) has a new mission statement and organizational structure to better reflect the goals of the agency and move those forward over the next several years, DOC Director Brian Gootkin announced recently. (10) The offender is prohibited from gambling. These charts reflect both agencys budgets combined since 2002. Therefore, spikes in expenditures from state special funds, are quite small. Generally, state prisons hold felony offenders that is persons convicted for more than one year. 321, L. 2017; amd. The Detention Facility is a division of the Missoula County Sheriffs Department and is headed by a Commander and an Assistant Commander and requires nearly 120 total staff to operate. They may still go to Montana State Prison (MSP), but the goal is to find a placement in a community corrections program like Boot Camp, a Pre-Release Center, treatment center or placement on probation or parole. While funding for the department has increased in a manner very similar to that of the offender population, more notable increases are the following: The department of corrections is supported primarily through the general fund (historically, around 92.0-95.0%). The department shall respond to the committee, accepting or rejecting the committee recommendations or comments prior to entering into the contract. DOC 3.5.1 Subject: LOCKED HOUSING UNIT OPERATIONS Chapter 3: FACILITY/PROGRAM OPERATIONS Page 1 of 5 Section 5: Special Management Effective Date: May 1, 1997 Signature: /s/ Mike Batista, Director Revised: 09/09/2016 I. Correctional Officers will be required to participate in weapon familiarization with firearms (AR-15, 12-gauge shotgun, and 9mm pistol) during the two-week preservice training and/or on-the-job . 322, L. 1997; amd. In 2015 the Legislature signed into effect Senate Bill 224 to review practices, policies and to reduce recidivism within the Montana Dept of Corrections. Also, users can report and renew International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and International Registration Plan (IRP . (7) Upon reasonable suspicion that the offender has violated the conditions of supervision, a probation and parole officer may search the person, vehicle, and residence of the offender, and the offender must submit to such search. The unit is licensed annually by the Montana Department of Corrections (DOC). Average Salaries at Montana Department of Corrections Popular Roles Registered Nurse $35.09 per hour Correctional Officer $18.93 per hour Parole Officer $19.72 per hour Security & Public Safety Correctional Records Technician $18.06 per hour Nursing Nurse's Aide $15.00 per hour Nurse Practitioner $55.59 per hour Director of Nursing $38.07 per hour 546, L. 1995; amd. This date is calculated by the Prison Records department. Request for Investigation If an offender is granted a parole, the IPPO meets with the offender and completes a Request for Investigation. The offender must be cooperative and truthful in all communications and dealings with any probation and parole officer and with any law enforcement agency. Family members and witnesses are also given another opportunity to ask questions of the Board. 22, Ch. 7/17/92; AMD, 2008 MAR p. 1145, Eff. * Primary Phone Alternate Phone Email Gender Male Female The offender is required, within 72 hours, to report any arrest or contact with law enforcement to his/her supervising officer or designee. It may also include victims, witnesses or family members, and prison and treatment personnel. Montana State Prison 400 Conley Lake Road Deer Lodge, MT 59722 Warden: Jim Salmonsen Main Line: (406) 415-6126 MSP Phone List Montana State Prison (MSP), located in the Deer Lodge valley, houses nearly 1,600 male inmates in a secure, 68-acre compound. If you find a problem or missing link in the Montana inmate locator section, please report it so we can update it and help our viewers locate the inmates . (8) The offender must comply with all municipal, county, state, and federal laws and ordinances and shall conduct himself/herself as a good citizen. 5 Last Chance Gulch Helena MT 59601 PO Box 201301 Helena MT 59620-1301. 550, L. 1997; amd. The rules for the siting, establishment, and expansion of prerelease centers must state that the siting is subject to any existing conditions, covenants, restrictions of record, and zoning regulations. 1947, 80-1405; amd. Increases in general fund support are primarily driven, once again, by increases in the number of offenders and the need to annualize contracted beds to house the growing offender population overseen by the department. MASC is exclusive for male offenders and there is a similar program in Billings, Mt for female offenders. 120, L. 1974; amd. If you want to work making positive changes in the community the Montana Department of Corrections is the place for you! 2023 Missoula County, MT. The rules must provide that a prerelease center may not be sited at any location without community support. Video Visitation can now be conducted using any iOS device. DOC ensures that the unit is operated in accordance with the Administrative Rules of Montana, the Montana Youth Court Act and the American Correctional Association Juvenile Standards and Practices. The facility employs equal numbers of specially trained, gender specific staff to ensure the care, welfare, safety and security of every youth placed in custody. The agency has its headquarters in Helena. 517, L. 2005; amd. Sec. Offenders are informed that they can have family or witnesses come to their hearings but that the. The Montana Department of Corrections contracts with five nonprofit organizations and one county to provide four prerelease centers that serve female offenders and six prerelease centers that serve male offenders. All Rights Reserved Website Created by Vision Internet - Innovators of Online Government. 8/30/78; AMD, 1990 MAR p. 1560, Eff. The prerelease siting, establishment, and expansion rules must provide for a public hearing conducted pursuant to Title 2, chapter 3. (5)The department may contract with Montana corporations to operate a day reporting program as an alternate sentencing option as provided in 46-18-201 and 46-18-225 and as a sanction option under 46-23-1015. 6/13/08. 5, Ch. Comparing growth allows financial planners to consider past and future demands in services or changes in revenues. The department may contract with Montana corporations to operate a day reporting program as an alternate sentencing option as provided in 46-18-201 and 46-18-225 and as a sanction option under 46-23-1015. A complete library of administrative rules, policies, administrative directives, standard operating procedures (SOPs), guidance documents, interim memos, and other policy documents, which outline the policy and procedures of the Vermont Department of Corrections (DOC) can be found through the link below. Further, the board uses evidence-based strategies and technologies in decision-making to promote risk reduction; collaborates with available community and state stakeholders to promote positive reintegration; and implements policies and procedures that promote best professional practices. These positions include cooking, cleaning, laundry services, working in the library and floor maintenance. #MTCorrections uses the MORRA (Montana Offender Reentry & Risk Assessment) to help measure the risks and needs of offenders under its care. . Google Chrome browser. The unit has a level system that rewards good behavior by increasing privileges, such as the amount of dayroom time, the items authorized for purchase from commissary, extra recreation time, the addition of contact visiting privileges with their parents and different wakeup and shower times. (9) The offender is prohibited from using or possessing alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs. You can search the Montana Department of Corrections for prisoners if the option to search inmates online is available in MT. PREA Audit Report: Download. If offenders do not have sufficient funds, they can work with the IPPO to see if the fee can be waived. Sec. The Missoula County Detention Facility staffs and manages a 24-bed juvenile detention unit, which houses male and female juveniles between the ages of ten and 18 years of age. The offender is asked to present his or her plan and explain why they think they should be granted a parole. Sec. Watch/Listen to Meetings In the 2021 biennium, a career ladder for probation and parole officers was formed and funded with state special revenue in the amount of $600,000 for the biennium. Mental health, chemical dependency and medical treatment are available to address the needs of juveniles. Missoula County has consistently proven the priority placed on the value of our youth and the potential that can be encouraged and mentored through the consistent efforts of dedicated, specially trained staff utilizing evidence-based, best practices. Primary Location: Glendive. "Trying to find information on an inmate in the Montana Department of Corrections system? LINKS Careers DOC Quarterly Update Information/Media Requests Justice Reinvestment Initiative Legislative Agency Materials Montana Angel Initiative Montana Board of Pardons & Parole Press Releases Prison Issues Board Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) QUICK LINKS Prerelease programs are generally six-month programs. The provisions of 18-4-313 that limit the term of a contract do not apply to a contract authorized by subsection (1)(c) or (2). Sec. We have visiting areas for families, friends and attorneys. The budget for the DOC is driven by multiple factors that tend to relate to offender populations such as the following: With the exception of FY 2009 and FY 2013, population numbers have increased by between 2.0% and 6.0% roughly each fiscal year. Jeffrey David Pierce, 39, received the suspended two-year stint with the state Department of Corrections on Jan. 19 for a felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs charge stemming back to 2021. 199, L. 2017; amd. COVID-19 Updates. Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment Centers, Enhanced/Transitional Supervision Services (ETSS), Data, Statistics, Contracts, Policies & Procedures. If victims, witnesses or family members have questions about the hearing or how to present testimony, they can ask Board staff prior to the hearing. MT 59620-1706. First, the facility is the only state-operated long-term facility for adjudicated male youthful offenders (ages 10-17), with an operational capacity of 38. Posting Date: Feb 28, 2023, 5:59:42 PM Closing Date (based on your computer's timezone): Mar 22, 2023, 12:59:00 AM. The Montana state department of corrections has about 10,500 inmates in the community. Sec. When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the . (7)The department shall ensure that risk and needs assessments drive the department's supervision and correctional practices, including integrating assessment results into supervision contact standards and case management. The committee may make recommendations or comments to the department. (1) The offender must obtain prior approval from his/her supervising officer before taking up residence in any location. Powers and duties of department of corrections. If the department intends to contract for that purpose, the department shall adopt rules for the establishment and maintenance of that program. The legislative audit division shall review the contract and make recommendations or comments to the legislative audit committee. Choose where you want to live and work in Montana! Apportionment Commission, Financial Modernization and Risk Analysis Montana Department of Corrections | Helena MT The Department of Corrections (DOC) stands in support of the Governor's March 24, 2020 Executive Order - March 25, 2020 Statement from Randall A. Liberty, Commissioner Department of Corrections - March 20, 2020 Department of Corrections Prepares for COVID-19 Concerns - March 16, 2020 State of Maine Resources: This paperwork, which includes rules of parole, is sent to the Parole Board and to the IPPO. The . has compiled all of its data on locating Montana inmates and criminal records in this section. Financial Compliance Audit - Department of Corrections - April 2019, Performance Audit - Effectiveness of Contracted Community Corrections Programs in Reducing Recidivism - June 2020, Performance Audit - A Comparative Evaluation of State-Operated and Contracted Men's Prisons, HB 244, Revise death penalty laws related to lethal injection, HB 331, Requiring legislators to have access to adult and youth correctional facilities, SB 19 amendments Revise staffing and structure of Board of Crime Control, SB 47 and fiscal note and amendments Generally revise laws related to DOC commits, SB 50 and amendment Revise membership of the Board of Crime Control, SB 71, Remove penalties for law enforcement re: health officer assistance, SB 222, Revising name change petition process for person in DOC custody/supervision, Gov. Its object of study includes personnel training and management as well as the experiences of those on the other side of the fence the unwilling subjects of the correctional process. Sec. The offender has the right to be released only upon completion of the sentence that was handed down by the court. 33, Ch. Hearing panel and other participants The hearing is conducted by three parole board members, assisted by their staff. (12) The Montana Board of Pardons and Parole and the sentencing court have the authority to order the offender to abide by additional conditions and such conditions must be contained in the judgment or parole decision. Missoula Correctional Services Missoula, Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment Centers, Enhanced/Transitional Supervision Services (ETSS), Data, Statistics, Contracts, Policies & Procedures. Montana State Prison (MSP), located in the Deer Lodge valley, houses nearly 1,600 male inmates in a secure, 68-acre compound. Inmates that violate their parole may be sent to MASC for a short "sanction", then either go back out on parole or in extreme cases return to MSP. Latest version of the adopted rule presented in Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM): For questions regarding the content, interpretation, or application of a specific rule, please contact the agency that issued the rule. (11) The offender shall pay all fines, fees, and restitution ordered by the sentencing court. This includes: Board review The IPPO forwards the completed Request for Investigation to the Parole Board office. The Montana Department of Corrections will be in Bozeman from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. tomorrow during Montana State University's Almost Spring Career As part of the investigation, the PO must go to the proposed residence and verify employment, if it is indicated in the plan. The changes are meant to "better reflect the goals of the agency" in the coming years, the release read. 5, 16, Ch. 41, Ch. The Montana Department of Corrections is a state agency of Montana that operates state prisons and manages community-corrections programs. The Missoula County Jail portion of the Detention Facility holds inmates that have been found guilty and sentenced to county jail time (less than one year). 395, Ch. 398, L. 2007; amd. This law was enacted to address the detection, prevention, reduction and prosecution of sexual abuse or sexual harassment in allcorrectionalfacilitiesin the nation. It is imperative that inmates develop a sound plan that has been verified before they see the Board. While the DOC oversees all of these facilities, it is important that you remember each location may have its own procedural requirements you need to follow.